About Us

720 Athletics is a small business proud to serve our Denver community!

We are making people’s lives better, healthier, and happier. By entering our gym, we will make you fitter for life, so you’ll be able to enjoy Colorado outdoors and family time for years to come.

We aim to make every member feel welcome and happy to be with us while they are working hard towards their goals!

Meet Our Instructors

Our coaches are highly qualified and educated and have years of experience! 

We pride ourselves on great coaching and facilitating a great workout environment!

Ryan Young

Head Coach/Manager

Ryan started his CrossFit journey in 2015 after he finished his collegiate tennis career, and he began coaching a few months later.

Griffin Zigrang

CrossFit Coach

Griffin was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 when she stumbled upon crossfit.com and started doing the WODs at her local globo gym.

Kathleen Sigg

CrossFit Coach

Kathleen found CrossFit in 2016 after tiring of self-directed globo gym lifting.

Savannah (Sav) Fearns

CrossFit Coach

Savannah found CrossFit in 2012 while attempting to shake off some weight. While losing weight, this also gave her a new respect for strength and weight gain, and from there, she took it by storm.

Ari Hurst

CrossFit Coach

Ari discovered CrossFit in 2011 while juggling her career as a D1 cheerleader at the University of Houston.

Lauren Gill

CrossFit Coach

Lauren first discovered CrossFit in 2015 after walking by her local gym daily to and from work in NYC. It took only one class, and she was hooked on the challenge of the workouts and the community.

Summer Henderson

CrossFit Coach

Summer found CrossFit back in May of 2016 while she was coaching group fitness classes at the CSU recreation center.

Jan Denny

Owner & CrossFit Coach

Jan has been an athlete all his life, starting when he was eight years old with swimming. He was born and raised in Slovenia and always dreamed of moving to the United States to study and swim.