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Great Community

I recently moved to Denver and was looking for a new CrossFit gym to attend when I found 720. Right from the start I felt welcomed by the coaches and other members. I definitely recommend 720 to anyone looking for a gym with excellent WODs and an inclusive community!

~ Elizabeth M.

New to CrossFit

I’ve been coming here since moving to Denver and have had a great experience. I still feel relatively new to CrossFit, so I was a bit nervous when the time came to find a new gym. Jan was super welcoming, and the team answered all of my questions so quickly. Signing up was a no-brainer, and the workouts, coaches, and community have been awesome. Highly recommend!

~ Matthew E.

Clean, Spacious, and Inviting

I’ve been to a bunch of gyms around the world, and 720 stands out as being VERY clean, spacious, and inviting. Their coaching is top-notch, and you definitely get what you pay for. The atmosphere always leaves you wanting to come back for more. Oh, and the DJ mixes are straight fire. Great CrossFit and/or “functional fitness” gym!

~ Ben D.