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Mike Brocklebank

Coach Mike's personal fitness journey from high school athlete to Crossfit Coach is what keeps him active in the outdoors in his spare time. At the age of 23 he dedicated himself to the longevity of his own health and wellness, shedding over 100 lbs, and discovering a profound passion for weightlifting. In 2017, Crossfit became his transformative haven, leading him to achieve his Crossfit Level 2 Certification.

Summer Henderson

Many people had told her she would like it, and she always thought it was way too badass for her, but she still decided to try out a local box nearby. It didn’t take long for her to realize how much she loved it and how it is for all fitness levels. She jumped at the opportunity to coach and found it very rewarding to coach others through their personal health journey while still working on her own.

Brittany Priddy

Brittany started CrossFit back in 2015 after losing a bet to her brother. She quickly realized how different CrossFit was from any other sport she played and how much stronger she could get. Soon after, she started coaching to help others feel stronger, and she never looked back.


Savannah (Sav) Fearns

Realizing the iron therapy’s liberating effect on her life and many others, she proceeded to get her Level 1 in 2014 and could only hope to share the same joy she had with her newfound health. Since then, she has coached at five gyms over two states and regularly entered CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions.

Johnny Varner

Johnny is a former collegiate athlete who loves to work out. He started routinely doing CrossFit after graduating from college in 2014 as a way to be challenged in many different physical modalities outside of weightlifting. The community is a big factor in why he’s continued in the sport, having belonged to Indiana, Georgia, Kansas, and Colorado gyms. He’s been coaching since 2017 and enjoys helping athletes reach their fitness goals.

Jan Denny

While studying and working in hospitality, CrossFit was his favorite part of the day. He found CrossFit as an athlete and trained at San Francisco CrossFit for three years. He always tried helping other members in class which coaches noted, and he was offered an internship at that gym. After coaching in San Francisco, he moved to Denver in 2018.

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